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We’re Honored to Offer You Honest and Reliable Auto Repairs.
We place a high priority on your comfort and safety while traveling.
To keep your vehicle in top condition, we provide a range of services.

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Car Diagnosis

A diagnostic check is a procedure that involves inspecting a car’s systems and parts to help find problems and fix them. Large-scale computer networks that can supply data on the engine, brakes, and other relevant systems are present in modern automobiles.

mobile Mechanics

Performing basic care and maintenance, such as oil changes, fluid level checks, and tire rotations. replacing or repairing damaged components, including sensors, wheel bearings, air condition system and brake pads. We also offer Roadside Assistance to customers faced with Automobile difficulties.

ac repairs

Installing, maintaining, and fixing HVAC and refrigeration systems. Auto mechanics and installers of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

carwash services

A variety of carwash services from Ballah Auto will leave your vehicle immaculate and ready for the road. From routine cleaning to complete attention.

purchase of cars and trucks

We also buy cars and truck at crispy and awesome fair prices that will leave you astonished. Have a car or truck to sell, just contact us and lets strike a deal.

Our Services & Offers


Transmissions & Gear

Any transmission has a chance to degrade with time. In automatic gearboxes, a buildup of sludge and debris in the fluid is the most frequent issue. The gearbox can eventually overheat as a result of this. Additionally, manual transmissions may experience noise, slippage, or failure due to worn gearing and bearings.


Oil change

Your automobile needs a full-service oil change to run well and last a long time. During an oil change, our professionals will drain the old oil and replace it with fresh, synthetic mix oil. The oil filter will also be inspected and, if necessary, replaced. Additionally, we check all of the fluids in your car and top them off as necessary.


general Diagnosis

Our standard diagnostic services play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your vehicle for a variety of reasons. The standard diagnostic checks we do can identify issues and wear and tear before they get out of hand, sparing you from future, more costly repairs.



We provide all types of auto repairs for vehicles of all makes and models. For all mechanical repairs, we offer the finest service possible.


Battery Replacement

Your car’s battery is one of its most crucial parts. They supply the power needed to turn on and maintain the engine of your automobile. You’ll be left with a car that won’t start when they fail, and you could have to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacements.


Engine repairs and replacements

We are all aware that your car’s engine is its beating heart. Your automobile isn’t operating smoothly if it isn’t. For all car makes and models, we provide engine repairs and replacements.


Brake and repairs

One of your car’s most crucial safety elements is its brakes. For all braking parts, we provide repairs and replacements. We make sure your brakes are in good working order so you can stop securely.


AC repairs

Installing, maintaining, and fixing HVAC and refrigeration systems. Auto mechanics and installers of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration


roadside assistance

Jump start, tire change and refueling among others, so as to give you a comfortable ride as possible.

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